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Gothic Trousers RQ-BL21209BK
Gothic Trousers RQ-B..
Gothic Vest RQ-BL21208BK
Gothic Vest RQ-BL212..
Gothic Shoulder Vest RQ-BL21207BK
Gothic Shoulder Vest..
Gothic T-Shirt RQ-BL21206BK
Gothic T-Shirt RQ-BL..
Gothic T-Shirt RQ-BL21205BK
Gothic T-Shirt RQ-BL..
Gothic Vest RQ-BL21204BR
Gothic Vest RQ-BL212..
Gothic Vest RQ-BL21204BK
Gothic Vest RQ-BL212..
Gothic T-shirt RQ-BL21202BK
Gothic T-shirt RQ-BL..
Gothic Skirts RQ-BL21201GB
Gothic Skirts RQ-BL2..
Gothic T-shirt RQ-BL21200BK
Gothic T-shirt RQ-BL..
Gothic Shorts RQ-BL21196BW
Gothic Shorts RQ-BL2..
Gothic Shorts RQ-BL21196BG
Gothic Shorts RQ-BL2..
Gothic Shawl RQ-BL21195BK
Gothic Shawl RQ-BL21..
Gothic T-shirt RQ-BL21194BR
Gothic T-shirt RQ-BL..
Gothic Trousers RQ-BL21193BK
Gothic Trousers RQ-B..
Gothic Coat RQ-BL21192BK
Gothic Coat RQ-BL211..
Gothic T-shirt RQ-BL21191BK
Gothic T-shirt RQ-BL..
Gothic Coat RQ-BL21190RB
Gothic Coat RQ-BL211..
Gothic Coat RQ-BL21190BK
Gothic Coat RQ-BL211..
Gothic Short Skirts RQ-BL21189BR
Gothic Short Skirts ..
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RQ-BL Gothic Clothes

are designed from classic gothic, western literature, religion, and the legend of witch with black magic, which are combination of endless wisdom and gorgeous style from the medieval renaissance.

Red Queen's Black Legion focus on women's dresses, skirts, blouses, corsets and coats. The usual main material is high quality cotton, polyester, lace, a part of PU, faux fur, faux leather. The designs are from simple, easy street wearto high complex crafted gothic punk rock music band stage costumes.

And there're also a wide range of accessories such gloves, rings, necklaces, hats, bracelets for your options!

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